Antique Feather Duster

Chores Have Changed

Everyone knows that people used to use feather dusters to clean their homes, but few people still have feather dusters to use. The Museum of Rexburg has a feather duster almost two feet long. It was patented on December 22, 1908 by the Chicago Feather Duster Company, which was established in 1875, according to

According to, feather dusters were first invented when a farmer in Iowa brought a bundle of turkey feathers to a broom-making company and asked to have them bound into a brush. Over time, the feather duster has morphed and changed to become more efficient and easy to use. Ostrich feathers were often used, especially by feather duster companies operating out of Africa, however, this particular duster’s feathers are turkey feathers. Come and see it for yourself!

Feather Duster Image