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Thank You


Direct donations:

We appreciate every item/artifact donated. They are important to our museum and our cause. With them, we can share stories of families and our community. When an item is donated to the museum, we take great care to make sure we can properly store and display each item. Some questions we ask before we officially accept an item are as follows:

What is the item?
What is the condition of the item?
Do we have any identical or similar items in our collections?
Can we properly store and preserve this item?
Do we have the ability to display this item?
What is the item’s historic significance?
What is the story behind the item?
Did the item belong to someone local?

If we can find positive answers to these questions, the item is a good candidate to be considered to be accepted into our collections. When the item is officially accepted, we will provide you a form detailing the item, signatures, and your information for future contact, if needed. (All information is kept private for use at the museum ONLY.)

We request that you contact us before bringing any items in, to assure it will be a good candidate and allow us to research the item and to have any necessary tools ready in preparation for moving/storing your item.



If you would like your items to stay in your ownership and to loan it to the museum for a limited period of time, that option may be possible. More information may be required. Loans may be on a short-term or long-term basis for up to a two-year period. All loan renewals are the responsibility of the donor. If loan items are not picked up after the two year period they become the property of the museum. For more information, please contact us.



Monetary donations are wholeheartedly accepted and appreciated. You can give via cash, card, or check during your visit. Since we are a non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible. We can provide you with a receipt with your transaction. Your donations go directly to the running and functioning of the museum, including helping us bring in new exhibits. These donations also help us better serve and provide quality experiences for our patrons.

Thank you for considering donating in one of these areas.


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